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Marantz Introduces Its First Dolby Atmos House Theater Receiver

To correctly experience our website, you have to to make use of an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of web Explorer (IE9 or larger). Dolby Atmos on a smartphone additionally improves the sound of all music, games, and TELEVISION shows. As with any ‘impact’, the key to Atmos is to use the panning sympathetically and creatively to support and improve the music, and when done well it actually does elevate the impression enormously — far past what I had anticipated.dolby music playerdolby music player

Nevertheless, one very apparent sign that this Atmos DJ application is using on the coat-tails of the cinema system is that the DAW undertaking from which the Atmos recordsdata are constructed must have a 48kHz sample price — the usual price for all film and TV materials.

On the finish of the decade the Dolby Digital system was expanded additional to incorporate a third, centre-rear, encompass results …

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