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Why is Gold the Metal of Choice For Investors?

For investment sector business players certainly are not arbitrary in allocating their money. programs that clearly become the main foundation in doing business, ICO List provides a number of opportunities as a means of investment, various fields and trusted institutions offered promise a beautiful future,

But for thousands of years, gold has been viewed as a valuable currency, commodity, investment vehicle, and a priceless jewel. No other asset has the glamour and appeal that gold has. The recent years have seen a marked interest by investors in the yellow metal. The question here is that why is gold the metal of choice for investors?

Supply and Demand Forces

Like everything else, the price of gold is driven by the demand and supply forces. According to research, the annual demand for gold exceeds by 1,000 tonnes over mine production.

Safe Haven

Investors turn to gold for several reasons. It provides a hedge against economic, social, geopolitical and monetary crisis, which are faced by our modern financial systems. Other disasters in which gold offers a haven include national debt, currency failure, inflation, deflation, stagflation, hyperinflation, market declines, war, and terrorism, etc.

Gold provides a tactical hedge against inflation. In the case of an increase, gold is better than other investment vehicles such as bonds, equities, and real estate. Gold is a commodity that is used for preserving value, even when the currency is losing value. Gold is one of the most stable products around. In times of national crisis, such as wars, invasions, and terrorism, there is a fear amongst people that their assets may be seized and the currency may be devalued to a large extent. In such a scenario, gold seems to be a reliable asset. These are uncertain times, and caution and risk have to be balanced. Successful are those who get the right mix.


Having learned from troubled times, investors know that they should not have all the eggs in one basket. Hence, successful investing is to invest in an array of investment vehicles, instead of just one or two. Gold has joined the investment basket, which already contained stocks, shares, real estate and the like. All diversified investment portfolios have at least 10% real ignot and gold-related investments.

Role of Central Banks

For the first time since 1988, central banks became net buyers of bullion in 2009. The Indian central bank purchased 200 tonnes of ignot from the IMF in October 2009.

Saving and Wealth Preservation

Gold bullion is a form of saving for “rainy days.” It is also one of the best ways of preserving wealth.

Dollar Weakening

The dollar is getting weaker and weaker. In the case of depreciating the currency, it is a wise decision to allocate some of the investment proportion to bullion.

Investors can invest in bullion through a variety of ways. These include buying real gold, buying billions or gold coins, investing in gold exchange-traded funds, investing in semi-numismatic and numismatic gold coins, bullion certificates, allocated accounts, e-gold, paper gold, gold exchange-traded funds, gold futures, gold stocks, etc. Buying real not in the form of bullion coins is gaining popularity. Bullion coins are minted in measures such as 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz formation. Some of the big investors even buy 2oz, 10oz and 1 kilo. The most popular investment gold coins are the Krugerrands or Britannia.

By glancing at the recent investment trends, it is clear the ignore investment market is ripe, and the present socio-economic scenario gives all the reasons for one to invest in gold.

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